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Enlivening learning experiences for organisations to develop capability, culture and leadership

Our purpose is to help people and organisations enliven and grow.

We make enlivening learning experiences fashioned to specific organisational needs using face-to-face & digital, coaching, 360 feedback, conference sessions and developmental tools to transfer learning into business as usual.

We balance reflection & action, safety & challenge, emotion & intellect, ideals & practicalities. Learning design is attuned to your organisation’s purpose, values & strategic intent (and we’ll you help clarify those if they’re murky, muddled or missing).

Our Programs.

Worthwhile Conversations

Communication shapes results. Strategy lives or dies on the strength of it. Sustainable relationships are built upon it. Sales capability is driven by it. Our communication programs build the capability to have respectful & profitable conversations in the realms of:

  • Resolving conflict through robust, respectful conversation.
  • People leadership; delegation, goal setting, development conversations.
  • Business development conversations from first contact to trusted-advisor.
  • Constructive performance & feedback conversations up, down & across line.
  • Coaching conversations.
  • Influencing skills.
  • Effective group facilitation.

Striking Presentations

Information alone won’t captivate an audience, whose attention is distracted by competing forces. We help people find their own unique style, courage and strength of purpose when presenting. We develop the mindset and techniques that ‘cut through the noise’ to engage the hearts & minds of audiences for maximum impact.

  • Developing presence.
  • Memorable storytelling to shape perception.
  • Balancing structure & spontaneity.
  • Voice & body language.
  • Working with performance stress.
  • Astute use of slide-decks and visual resources.

Artful Leadership

The Leadership advice industry presents many templates for leadership including; Charismatic, Commanding, Service, Authentic, Empowering, Enterprise (and others). We help Leaders explore these, and craft their own Leadership identity taking into account their own ideals, organisational strategy and the political & social realities of the culture they work within. Subjects include:

  • Artful relating: Using social & emotional intelligence to lead people to deliver on strategy.
  • Presence: Influencing to a result through messaging and dialogue.
  • Self-awareness: 360° feedback for personal & professional development.
  • Reputation: Shaping an authentic purpose-driven personal brand.
  • Resilience: Wellness and mindset for sustainable and wholehearted engagement.
  • Change: Mapping, mobilising and mindfully managing the journey.
  • Teaching: When leaders teach, behaviour change can be accelerated via the leaders credibility and practical engagement with change.

Progressing Culture

Organisational culture is a complex tapestry that doesn’t readily change. Rules & regulations alone won’t create change – there just aren’t enough police! And neither will glossy brand mottos of super-human promise. Our learning forums combine enlivening ‘case-study theatre’ and group dialogue to lift people out of set viewpoints and genuinely explore targeted cultural & strategic issues. We help participants; make sense of complex realities, personalise organisational values & strategies, and develop behaviours for skilful transformation. Cultural change areas include:

  • Unconscious Bias, Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Flexible work.
  • Risk & Governance.
  • Safety.
  • Bullying & Harassment.
  • Defining and aligning values and ethics.
  • Resiliency.
  • Bespoke forums for unique organisational conditions and targeted issues.

The Relating Compass

Influencing, selling, leading, collaborating and stakeholder management can all be improved when people balance assertiveness (causing things to happen) and flexibility (allowing things to unfold). The relating compass is a tool to help people achieve this balance and improve relating skills including:

  • Understanding the values and behaviours that demonstrate & drive assertiveness and flexibility.
  • Learning how to recognise and manage the hazards of assertiveness and flexibility, namely; aggression and passivity.
  • Develop the versatility to toggle between assertiveness and flexibility in complex and challenging situations and relationships.
  • Learn to recognise how mindset impacts behavior, ergo results, and how to maintain a constructive mindset.

Organisational Coaching

Coaching helps people and teams develop, unlock their creativity & productivity and deliver on strategy. It connects theory, reflection, values and strategy to ‘life on the ground.’ Coaching solutions can include:

  • Individual Coaching for improved performance, leadership, emotional intelligence, social intelligence and strategic / systems thinking.
  • Team Coaching initial for formation, new project launch and team culture change: Teams that establish constructive values & expectations, laugh together, learn together and connect authentically, become stronger and more effective.
  • Diagnostics for Development: LMAP and The Leadership Circle 360 instrument accredited.
  • Mindset coaching to surface & navigate self-limiting thinking, and reorientate to productive values and behaviours.

How we do it.

Learning requires more than theoretical knowledge crammed into people’s (already taxed) brains. Enlivening Learning blends the following ingredients for striking intellectual and emotional impact, with support tools that help learning coalesce into action.


Art-based and immersive activities (forum theatre, video, music & interactive case studies) cut through the noise, precisely illustrate behavioural, cultural & emotional truths and spark insight around complex business issues.


Maps (theory, research, values charters & learning models) help people make sense of learning and provide ‘roadmaps’ for development. We draw from diverse methodologies and can also bring your organisation’s preferred models to life, linking them to action in the workplace.


Reflection is a combination of calmness & contemplation practices to create mental quiet in the midst of busyness, to ‘circuit-break’ habitual thinking and make room for insight. Reflection also replenishes the human spirit, helping people swing back into action with better judgement, wholeheartedness and connection to values.


Capability & culture development requires deliberate practice outside of the comfort zone, in both the workshop and the workplace. We put learning into action via skill-building labs, conversation rehearsal, coaching (individual & group), online communities of practice, workplace action-learning and developmental culture-building strategies.

Systems Focus

Whilst developing individuals is important, the best results are possible when the whole system is taken into account. Enlivening Learning engages participants and business stakeholders to address the arenas of:

  • Self (emotional intelligence & mindset),
  • Others (interpersonal skills)
  • Groups (cultural & social awareness)
  • Systems (structural, cross-functional & developmental know-how).

What does it look like?

take a look at some examples below:

  • Excellent tailored program – great facilitation and highly valuable, thanks! Tim Bailey CEO Zurich Australia
  • Loved the use of live role-play vignettes... captivating and a great learning platform. Mark Henderson CFO, Zurich Australia
  • I had the opportunity to work with Brett Wood during a period of rapid change in our organisation. Brett was able to grasp the breadth of the situation and its consequences in a very rapid manner. I found Brett to be very collaborative and the session delivered the exact outcome which I was looking for. I would be very happy to recommend Brett to anyone wishing to improve the functioning and performance of their team. Ross Linsley Area Commercial Director - JAPAC at AbbVi

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