Creating Change, Part 2 - The Creative State

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When we make change we (understandably) focus on strategy. But what state are we in as we apply that strategy, and how does our emotional, mental and physical state support or thwart our efforts to change?

In this workshop you will explore and energise your belief system mindset and connect to the creative point, where anything can happen.

This Creative State Workshop incorporates:

  • Unlocking creativity methods developed by Brett Robin Wood whilst teaching at NIDA and Actors Centre Australia; now re-developed for the general public to unlock creative power and human potential.
  • The wisdom and tools of well-regarded experts in motivation and change making.
  • A mindset model that reveals limited thinking traps and clears the way 
  • Activities to engage the ‘flow state’ where motivation meets ease & grace and inspiration 

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  • Part 1 - Kindling ChangeRenewing Reflecting Clarifying

Workshop Purpose.

This workshop will:

  • Uplift your spirits and creative energy.
  • Unlock the creative state which enlivens and accelerates change making.
  • Support you to move into action to make change.

Who is it

For anybody wanting to activate their creative state and make change. For some this means igniting artistic passion. For some, it will about fuelling motivation for new and ongoing creative endeavour. For others, it is simply about reconnecting with their heart and tuning into what’s calling them to move toward.

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Course Leader

Brett Robin Wood is an artist, facilitator and founding director of Creative Wisdom.

Brett has extensive experience in both the performing arts and the worlds of adult learning & development and organisational change. He draws on the artist’s know-how of human behaviour, change methodology, human development theory, motivational technology, contemplative practice and action-learning.

As a professional singer / songwriter, Brett plays on the Australian folk music scene and has released two albums of original songs.


One evening followed by a full day.

Full timetable and venue tbc.

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