Kindling Creativity

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One-Day Workshop

Replenish yourself in a sanctuary removed from the busyness of life, designed to nourish your creative spirit.

In a stressful world, your creative spirit can take a hammering. This replenishing workshop is a pausing of the treadmill of life, allowing you to reconnect to the creativity in you, so that when you return, the world feels less like a treadmill, and more like a Ferris wheel.

Kindling Creativity is one of our Cornerstone Creativity Workshops incorporating:

  • Unlocking creativity methods developed by Brett Robin Wood whilst teaching at NIDA and Actors Centre Australia; now re-developed for the general public to unlock human potential in any area of the arts and everyday life.
  • Rich traditions of contemplative practice.
  • The wisdom of well-regarded creativity thought leaders.
  • Motivational methods that support creative endeavor.

The Cornerstone Workshops can be done in any order and revisited regularly to refresh and deepen a creative life.

Cornerstone Workshops

  • Kindling CreativityNurturing Reflective Renewing
  • Creative StateEnergising Active Uplifting
  • Creative EndeavourFocusing Motivating Achieving

Workshop Purpose.

This workshop uses music, relaxation, reflection and creative activities to:

  • Deepen your connection to your creative spirit.
  • Provide an enjoyable antidote to stress and fatigue.
  • Clarify where and how creativity can live in your life.
  • Cultivate a compassionate, whole-hearted approach to creativity.

Who is it

For anybody wanting to connect further to creativity in his or her life whether it be in service of some creative endeavour, cultivating artistic talent, or simply renewing the creative spirit and bringing more responsiveness and curiosity to life, work and relationships. Those who teach or facilitate creativity and personal growth will also find the workshop inspiring.

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Course Leader

Brett Robin Wood is an artist, facilitator and founding director of Creative Wisdom.

Brett has extensive experience in both the performing arts and the worlds of education and business. He draws on the artist’s know-how of human behaviour, creative methodology, human development theory, motivational technology, contemplative practice and action-learning.

As a professional singer / songwriter, Brett plays on the Australian folk music scene and has released two albums of original songs.


9:00 am
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Unraveling Tension
10:15 am
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Break (times vary)
11:15 am
Creativity Kindling – Individual Work
12:45 pm
1:00 pm
Creativity Circles – Fanning The Flames
3:00 pm
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Bridging Workshop To World



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