A woven life of creativity and connection by Brett Robin Wood

September 6, 2016

Making Music Through Bones

It ain’t just stone axe heads being dug up from 40,000 years ago. This is a flute, made from a Vulture’s bone. Imagine that. Some proto human dude sitting around hollowing out a vultures bone around the campfire. His mates are saying “dude, come on, we have to go hunt for meat.” He (or she, probably) going, “No, i’ve almost got it in the right key.” The hunters going “Can you believe that guy? playing with vultures bones?” Ah, the musician. There is a theory that the development of music gave us a competitive advantage over our music-less Neanderthal cousins. Music brougt us together, strengthened social bonding evolutionary advantage for mutual benefit. And of course, toe tappin, soul healing campfire tunes. Yay to artists everywhere! Ain’t the easiest life but hey, man cannot live by meat alone.

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